Do you have Spiritual Abilities

Everyone of Us has a Spiritual Nature...and unique spiritual abilities. Many people deny their spirituality because they confuse it with religion and many people are turned off by the guilt, negativity and hypocrisy they see in the church. Denying your Spirituality manifests itself in your life as negative influences...depression, addictions, etc.

YOU are a spiritual person...with spiritual abilities. Take this fun quiz and find out if you are a Pathfinder, an Initiate or a Master of Your Spiritual Ability Awareness.

Created by: heathen
  1. Do You believe religion & spirituality are the same thing?
  2. Do you believe that everyone everywhere has a spiritual nature?
  3. Do you have a spiritual nature?
  4. Are you open to exploring your spirituality with tools such as divination, meditation, channelling, etc?
  5. Do you ridicule others for their spiritual beliefs?
  6. Do you hide your spiritual beliefs out of fear somebody might ridicule you?
  7. Have you ever felt deja'vu, kNown something before it happens, dream of it before it happens or instinctively kNow it is going to happen?
  8. Have you reached a point in your spiritual journey that you feel "compelled" to share the kNowledge you have been given with others?
  9. Can you understand situations from many different perspectives?
  10. Are you comfortable with the direction your life is taking?

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Quiz topic: Do I have Spiritual Abilities