Do you have magic?

This quiz is here for you to see if you have magic or are a human with no abilities except your own talents! Hopefully you are not disappointed in your results!

I am not responsible for disappointment. If you entered certain answers that you think should have gave you a different result then you may have just been around someone with magic abilities.

Created by: FireBreathLeasa

  1. First things first: Do you believe in magic?
  2. Have you ever felt magic flowing through your body or around you?
  3. What have you felt? (Just trust me and read the options)
  4. Do you find certain family members reactions weird when you talk/ask about certain things?
  5. What time do you think you feel most active/better when you are awake? (Prefer)
  6. What of the below abnormalities do you have?
  7. How old are you?
  8. What gender are you?
  9. How much do you keep secrets?
  10. How many friends do you have?

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Quiz topic: Do I have magic?