Do you have Frogspertise?

Ever wondered how smart you are? Ever wondered something strange about frogs? Ever wondered what to do when you're bored? And last but not least, ever wondered what you call that stuff that people who know a lot about frogs have? The answer to all of these questions is frogspertise!

Do you have frogspertise? Find out with this deep, intense, non-scientifically proven faithful, reliable, thought-provoking, veracious, unvarnished quiz. Really.

Created by: Shroomz

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  1. Can a frog be a toad but a toad can't be a frog or can a toad be a frog but a frog can't be a toad?
  2. Can frogs give you warts?
  3. Why are frogs green?
  4. Do frogs know morse code?
  5. How do you pick up a frog?
  6. Whatchoo no about frogs?
  7. How many frogs/toads do you have at this very second?
  8. There is a toad stuck in a drainage pipe, what do you do?
  9. What do frogs do when they're scared?
  10. What does "Bejing Huan Ying Ni" mean in mandarin?
  11. Did you like this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Do I have Frogspertise?