do you have depression

find out if your away from the cold endless grip of depression with the help of 3 creepypastas i made this quiz and if your not happy with the result try again

are you depressed do you try to leave this world and you wanna find out with you need help or need to leave this world? find out in just a few minutes !

Created by: helena

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  1. do you cry
  2. roleplay/rp time! you just got home from school you get a text from your mom* hey sweetie me and dad are gonna be late geting home from work so go to bed early *
  3. for rp time! your at school at lunch you went outside you see there bullys head towards you the bullyies beat you up and you notice that your enemy was laughing
  4. *end of rp time!* favourite color based on these meanings
  5. what do you think your gonna get (dose not mess with results)
  6. hows your day
  7. do you have a mental discorder
  8. uhh ima get jeff the killer to ask next! jeff : u-umm helena not right now please me : cmon ask a question! jeff : fine have you tried to suicide before
  9. two more left BEN COME HERE! ben drowned : yeah helena me : ask the reader a question ben : okay are you suicidal
  10. the last one okay helen come here helen : okay helena i'll ask the reader a question : do you have friends
  11. lol one more eyeless jack come here ej : okay if you could suicide a difrent way would you give me the kidynes in your will?

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Quiz topic: Do I have depression