Do you have Cool Den on Animal Jam

On Animal Jam very few people have cool dens. A lot have absolutely NOTHING in their den. How can you have a cool den? 2 words for you: rares and betas.

Do YOU have a rare den? Do you have one of the rarest dens out of all eight MILLION people on animal jam? Wanna find out the answer to these questions? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: CharlotteMarie77

  1. What type of items do you put in your den?
  2. How many rare/beta dens items do you have?
  3. What's the theme of your den?
  4. What's the best den item you have?
  5. How often trade requests for stuff you have in your den?
  6. How often do people tell you how awesome your den is?
  7. Did you need to get a bigger den just for your stuff?
  8. Where did you buy your den?
  9. Has your den ever been on the epic dens list?

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Quiz topic: Do I have Cool Den on Animal Jam