Do you have Asian Pride?

Do you have asian pride? are you an asian? do ypou want to know if you're like an asian? an asian would know terms wrriten even in english? take this test and see if you pass! I really hope you do. This test has 12 questions, and it'll be quick

are you an asian? do you want to know if you have asian pride? do you think you know asian terms even if there wrriten in english? take a few min. wif this test and see! this test has 12 questions, and it's quick with no long questions or answers

Created by: Lisa

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  1. Do eat a lot of white rice
  2. Do yo speak an asian language?
  3. do you have asian artifacts?
  4. do you speak an asian language at school or work?
  5. do you speak highly of asians or poorly? HONEST PLEASE
  6. do you think about azn pride? or say it out loud
  7. BE HONEST if you could cange your race, would you be asian or something else?
  8. can you understand any asian languages?
  9. cn you use chopsticks the corect way?
  10. what's dim sum, or pho

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Quiz topic: Do I have Asian Pride?