do you have anxiety?(doctor proved)

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this quiz will tell you wether you have anxiety or are digonased with anxiety. be honest on all questions with the answers you choose. this quiz will have 15 questions and they are all based on anxiety, some may be depression based, but they all add up to anxiety at the end. if you don’t have anxiety, don’t think you’re not cool. you are equal.

this quiz is also tested and looked through by a doctor. this doctor have proven this quiz is real and will tell you a real score. the doctor has changed some questions while looking through it. so just know this quiz is 100% real, and will tell you if you have anzirty or not. good luck.

Created by: emily
  1. Do you experience episodes of intense fear or panic, that may be accompanied by one or more of the following sensations: racing heart, sweating, lightheadedness, a feeling like something very bad is going to happen (impending doom), shortness of breath, chest pains, extreme nervousness, shaking, and you feel like you have to get out?
  2. Have you been to your doctor or the emergency department at the hospital about your anxiety more than twice?
  3. Do you find yourself worrying or being afraid a lot?
  4. Do you find yourself avoiding certain situations because you are afraid that your anxiety might spike or you might have a panic attack?
  5. Do you get panicky when standing in a line, stuck in traffic, in a crowd, or at a place where you feel you can't escape or get out if you need to?
  6. When you go to a new place, do you find out where the exits and washrooms are, just in case?
  7. Do you worry about the same things over and over again / obsess a lot?
  8. Do you have one or more anxiety symptoms regularly (daily or weekly)?
  9. Are you nervous a lot?
  10. Do you often feel overwhelmed?
  11. Do you say yes to people's requests when you'd rather say no?
  12. Do you consider yourself to be an anxious person?
  13. How would you rate your self-esteem (how you feel about yourself)?
  14. Have your friends told you you have changed(from when you were a child)?
  15. are you an emotional person at most times?

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Quiz topic: Do I have anxiety?(doctor proved)