Do you have an unhealthy personality?

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WARNING: Do not take this quiz too seriously, as I am not a doctor or psychologist. Just take this with a grain of salt, and don't be offended by your result.

So, anyways, this is a quiz that will decide if your personality is healthy or not! If you get a result saying your personality is unhealthy, don't be offended! This is not really a quiz meant to insult you, it is more to help you try to improve.

Created by: grimmchild
  1. Did you read the paragraphs above? If not, please do! (This does not count towards your score)
  2. I blame other people for my mistakes.
  3. I blame my personality for my mistakes. (Example: "Sorry I didn't come to your birthday party, I'm an introvert)
  4. I am often sarcastic.
  5. It's hard to understand what other people are feeling.
  6. I am not willing to try other people's hobbies.
  7. I believe my ways are the best ways, so I stick to them.
  8. I always assume the worst about people.
  9. I am naturally a pessimist.
  10. I tell everybody about my problems because I want people to feel bad for me.
  11. I only help people so they will give me something in return.
  12. I enjoy starting arguments.
  13. I believe that I am always right.
  14. I seem to hurt people's feelings without realizing it.
  15. When making a decision for a group, I only listen to my own opinions and preferences.
  16. I make excuses for being late, not doing my work, etc.
  17. I lie to people so they will give me something I want.
  18. I make decisions without thinking very hard about how they will affect the future.
  19. I focus on other people's small mistakes rather than their big successes.
  20. I am impatient.
  21. I humble-brag. (Example: "I hate being the smartest person in my class! I get all the hardest work!)

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Quiz topic: Do I have an unhealthy personality?