Do you have a dirty mind

Do you have a dirty mind? Find out today with this fun quiz! Tis quiz took 2 days to make, so I really hope you like it! There are many ranges of dirty mindedness,

Like for instance, the perverts of the group, then the standard dirty minded ones, and so on. Hope you enjoy the quiz!! Ps all of the results can be changed!

Created by: Musclewerewolf
  1. Do Popsicles look wrong?
  2. Do chocking hazard signs look gay and wrong?
  3. Do your parents make you feel uncomfortable?
  4. Do you find humor in sausage?
  5. Do you make inappropriate jokes about food?
  6. Are bananas wrong looking?
  7. How bout hot dogs?
  8. Are a lot of foods a source of humor for you?
  9. Do your parents say you have a dirty mind?
  10. Plz comment and rate!!

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Quiz topic: Do I have a dirty mind