Do You Have a Bully?

Okay, this quiz is to find out the probability of you getting bullied. In some questions (especially the last one) you can even find out why you are getting bullied.

If any of these questions make you uncomfortable please keep in mind that you can leave this quiz if you like and that the answers get deleted once you leave this quiz. Have fun!

Created by: JoJo

  1. Is there anyone who is mean to you a lot?
  2. How do they abuse/mistreat you?
  3. Have they been called a bully by someone else before?
  4. Do you have a crush on them?
  5. Do they have a crush on you?
  6. Have you bullied?
  7. How many of your friends support you on this?
  8. Does anyone else think/know they're a bully?
  9. Have you taken any action against the bully?
  10. Finally, Do you have glasses, act like the opposite gender, are smaller or taller than average, envied, adopted or late or bi/gay/lesbian?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have a Bully?