Do You Fit The Trickster Stereotype?

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We've all read those seemingly ancient fairy stories. They come in musty old books, and they're not the ones you've learned in kindergarten, but something tells you they're worth reading. You can notice a reoccuring theme through all of them: we've got a person, or perhaps a fox or an owl, who seems to outsmart everyone in the end.

So, you ask, how does this apply to ME? Well, luvvy, this right here is a quiz designed to tell you if you do, in fact, have the traits of one of these tricksters of old. Well, what are you waiting for? Plunge onward! I am offering you the truth, all you must do is take it!

Created by: KilljoyRainbow

  1. On a scale of one to ten, how curious would you say you are?
  2. Do you rely more on your body, or your mind?
  3. Are you particularly fast or agile?
  4. Are you good at hiding?
  5. This may seem a bit random, but...Are you a redhead?
  6. Are you trustworthy?
  7. Do you steal?
  8. Are you good at mimicking other people?
  9. Do you like riddles?
  11. Would you rather...?

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Quiz topic: Do I Fit The Trickster Stereotype?