Do you fail life?

Have you ever wondered if you failed misarably at life or supassed its expectations and become a super mega godlike figure. Well this survey wont answer this question, It will give you a mark out of 100 and thats about it.

So did you fail life? Have you got nothing worth living for? Well, this survey will ask you more than 10 really random questions which you may not understand at first but its all calculated by mini robots who produce the results, send them to sweatshops to get printed on shirts, people ware the shirts in a test lab, the poeple thier record the results, they substitute the results for various chemicals, they proform tests on a picture of you from your myspace and then send the results back in note form to a lazy nerd, the nerd will eventually get around to informing the high chancillor of this operations results and then one of his collegies will post them back to you, all in the space of a couple of seconds.

Created by: Jack

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  1. Were you harrased when you were young?
  2. Do you gramma well?
  3. Do you drive a man car?
  4. What do you think a womans role is?
  5. If someone offered you weed what would you do?
  6. Have you ever wanted to commit suicide?
  7. Is communism an evil form of government?
  8. Would you sleep with a drunk woman?
  9. Have you ever been stoned?
  10. Are you self confident?
  11. What did the Nazi's stand for?
  12. Should homosexuals be able to marry?
  13. Should weed be legal?

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Quiz topic: Do I fail life?