Do you care about animals?

This quiz is about animals, and how much you like them. I didn't know what quiz to start off with, but this is the only one that came into my mind. ...Yeah.

There is a few results, either you LOVE animals, or either you HATE animals. Not EVERYONE likes animals though...right? I made this quiz because animals are being tortured.

Created by: Meredith Everest

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  1. Question 1: What do you feel when you are by a really cute animal?
  2. Question 2: If there was a puppy in a cage, what would you do?
  3. Question 3: A dog is running towards you with teeth bared. What do you do?
  4. Question 4: A cat is being taken away by an ugly man. Do you take it and run, or just let it be taken away?
  5. Okay...your mother says you are getting a pet. Do you scream in happiness or yell at her?
  6. Your father says your pet went missing. What do you do?
  7. Animals are being rescued on a TV show you're watching. What do you feel?
  8. Your pet comes back one week later. What do you feel?
  9. There is a, "Stop Animal Cruelty and help save them today" t-shirt on sale. Do you buy it or leave it?
  10. Last question: Ya like animals? Or you just wanna kill 'em?!

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Quiz topic: Do I care about animals?