Do you belong together

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In this world there is a person idealy matched to someone, they will go through numerous lives searching for one another. They are called soulmates. It's very rare and a treasured thing to find the one for you. GOOD LUCK!!

So you wnat to kow if you find your soul mate??? The quiz isn't exactly accurate but it's precise as can be, so yeah. Hope you enjoy the quiz Comment and rate thanks guys :D

Created by: sammierox1997
  1. If this person was in a relationship how would it make you feel????
  2. Do you feel asif you understand him/her???
  3. Do you share similar hobbies??? (e.g. Sports, Music taste, Reading and film genres)
  4. Do you enjoy hanging around with him/her????
  5. Do you make each other laugh?????
  6. Do you know their favourite things?? (E.g. Food, Music, sport)
  7. They ever told you about something personal like their dreams or problems???
  8. If they asked you out, how would you react??? (face to face)
  9. You find out they like someone else, how do you react????
  10. Be honest!!! Rate your like for them!!

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Quiz topic: Do I belong together