Do you belong to the darkside?

Do you belong to the darkside? This quiz will test i your worthy of being a imperial. But do not choose the wrong awnsers of you will be anilalated. And have your planet destroyed by the empire if you choose the wrong awnsers. The motto is "You will join us or die".

Darth vader is the most powerful being in the universe , he dose rull it.And he can kill people with the force.He has killed many with the force but so few with a lightsaber. He can use both but is more deadly with the force , choke or lightning.

Created by: curtis

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  1. Who is darth vader's wife
  2. Who is the emporer
  3. What is Darth Vader's role?
  4. Would you plege loyalty to Vader at his feet on your knees?
  5. Who is darth vader most suited to be if it wasnt who it is now
  6. What is ur best force power?
  7. who is boba fett
  8. Is Darth Vader powerful?
  9. what weapon would u use to kill Darth Vader?
  10. What is the first planet blown up by the allmighty DEATH STAR!

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Quiz topic: Do I belong to the darkside?