Do you believe in magic

MAGIC is a wonderful thing that does not lie within our minds but within our hearts some of us like non magic believers have a different kind of mugic like the ability to detect, focus, or someother smart people characteristics

Even though you don't believe or maybe you do believe magic is all around us some of us just choose to embrace it. I made this quiz for your entertainment iI hope you like it.

Created by: Phoenix272
  1. How accurate is your intuition
  2. What is your favorite animal
  3. Pick an ability
  4. Are ghosts real
  5. What grade are you in will not effect score
  6. Say you walking and you hear a voice but no body's around how do you feel
  7. How detailed is your imagination
  8. Favorite color
  9. Complete the sentence THE WORLD IS FILLED WITH ______.
  10. Did you enjoy the quiz

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Quiz topic: Do I believe in magic