Do You Act Like a Cartoon Character?

There are people who act the most like cartoons, but you seem like you're nervous. But there's no need to worry cause acting improves your skills for confidence. Enjoy.

Do you act? Do you have confidence? If you don't then enjoy gaining confidence have it your way, be great. This quiz will help.

Created by: musawinxclub16 of yahoo
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  1. If you act who would you act as.
  2. This is for girls so what part would you act for.
  3. What character from these would you act like?
  4. Do you even act?
  5. Do you even act
  6. Have you ever believed that the characters from youre fav show are watching you and can look in one direction only.
  7. If you act then which winx club character do you act as.
  8. If you acted from Naruto show who would you act as.
  9. How old are you and who's your crush?
  10. Do you have a fav colour?

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