do u really know your lyrics???

there are many people in this world that know lyrics in popular songs today! those people listen to a lot of music!!!!!! yet, some other people might not know all the lyrics, but thats okay!

do YOU know the lyrics in the popoular songs today?????!!!!! do think you have what it takes for this lyrics test!!!!!! if so, take this test to find out how well you know songs today!!!

Created by: ashley52365

  1. "wanna be a victim, ready for abduction" is from what song?
  2. what comes after "i need a boy to take it over" in whats my name by rihanna?
  3. "back door cracked, we don't need a key" is from what song from kesha?
  4. "i'm addicted want to jump inside your love" is from what song?
  5. what comes next after "i wouldn't wanna have it any other way" in just can't get enough?
  6. "i've been divoting myself to you monday to monday, friday to friday" is from what song?
  7. "i guess you notice, i guess you care" is from what song?
  8. "spit it out cause im dyin for company" from what?
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Quiz topic: Do u really know my lyrics???