Do u play minecraft or go on YouTube

There r many people who love minecraft but there r many people who watch YouTube videos. There is only some people who play both. Which one do u do or should do?

Thanks to this quiz u know what u should start doing or I will know what u like doing! It will all become clear to u and me. Hope u enjoy the quiz very much.

Created by: Laura

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What do u do on ur spare time?
  2. Did/do u ever get yelled at for playing games for too long?
  3. R u a tomboy/real boy or a girly girl/boy that acts like a girl?
  4. Do u love minecraft?
  5. Do u like YouTube?
  6. Do u like my quiz so far?
  7. In minecraft which is stronger? Iron axe of diamond sword.
  8. Which of these is not a Youtuber?
  9. What do u talk about with ur friends?
  10. Hope u enjoyed my quiz! It was my first one

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