do u know ur gaming characters?

so... how much do you know your video game characters like a pro? Yoshi, master chief, and many, many more different awesome characters of the gaming multiverse!

prove that you know that you rock at video games. because to be a true gamer, you can just play the game like a boss, you have to know the game like a boss.

Created by: LimyMage918

  1. adorable green dinosaur that eats enemies
  2. epic super solider from the year 2552
  3. blue fast hedgehog made by sega
  4. the original minecraft player
  5. artificial intelligence that runs the enrichment center
  6. hero wearing a green tunic and green hat with hylian shield and master sword
  7. evil virus that haunts minecraft
  8. man with gravity gun and helps the white forest rebellion
  9. magic guy that floats on giant crystal
  10. bear with a back pack and yellow shorts and bird companion

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