Do u know Me At All

If you know me well then u get 100% if you barly know me then go home and call me becuz u need to learn if u want to be my friend it makes me happy if u get a good score:)

this quiz is great it tells you if u know me or not maybe you do maybe you dont! :) i cant wait to see how well people know me i hope my Bffs get 100%

Created by: Melie
  1. Where was i born
  2. Whats My 2 dogs name?
  3. What are my sibs names?
  4. Whats my favorite color?
  5. Favorite sport?
  6. soccer number
  7. Where does my sister work?
  8. Whta sport does my brother play?
  9. what color are my eyes
  10. THIS IS THE HARDEST ONE! What color is my ipod video?

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