Do People Hate You?

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Have you ever looked at someone you care about and think.. "Do they care about me like I do to them?" Most likely, yes. I know I have, and this quiz may sum up if they do or not. The quiz may not be 100% accurate.

Have fun, again, this quiz will not say if they truly hate you or not, that's in their mind, no one knows if they hate you, or someone else, unless spoken of.

Created by: MelodicMelon~
  1. Do you talk about your accomplishments and wealth and wellbeing?
  2. Do you laugh at everything, even if offensive or stupid?
  3. Do you live for compliments?
  4. Describe yourself in 1 word.
  5. Grammar is important. I went to the ball tonight, it ___ good, but when dancing, I ___ tripp__, so it was embarrassing. ___ glad I went!
  6. Who do you hate?
  7. Self Esteem?
  8. Is this quiz 100% accurate?
  9. Will you go over to the person saying "You hate me, don't you?" If you get told by this not accurate quiz that they hate you?
  10. If they hate/ dislike you, Will you make a fuss over it?

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