do like tis or THIS

Our Friends made up codes for degrassi people. They are used in this quiz. Chocolate= Holly J Cake= Declan Lettuce= Mia Taco=peter bubblegum= sav muffin = kc

Vanilla= Jenna cookies- Anya gingerbread- Darcy nuttybar- spinner donut- eli waffles- clare peanut butter (PB)- jane so chose what answer you think is right for these couples.

Created by: mary kate
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you like chocolate over your cake
  2. do you like vanilla over your muffins
  3. do you like lettuce over your taco
  4. do you like chocolate over your bubblegum
  5. do you like bubblegum on your cookies
  6. do you like gingerbread over your taco
  7. do you like vanilla on your cake
  8. do you like pb in your nutty bars
  9. do you like donuts on your waffles
  10. do you like muffins in your waffles

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