Do I really like them?

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so, you're wondering how you're feeling for them - well gladly you've stumbled upon the right place. whether you score high or low i hope that by the end you're satisfied with your results.

here, you'll be asked a number of questions to help determine whether you truly have feelings for them. remember, this quiz was made soley for fun. hope u enjoy!

Created by: ravenia <3

  1. - how old are you?
  2. - what gender are you?
  3. - what draws you in about them?
  4. - who are they to you?
  5. - how often do you see eachother?
  6. - what do you know about them?
  7. - how do you feel around them?
  8. - what colour are their eyes?
  9. - how long have you known eachother?
  10. - do you ever get jealous?
  11. - do you find excuses to touch them?
  12. - do you prefer being with him alone?
  13. - do you know how they feel about you?
  14. - how often do you think about them?

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