Divine Lotus Guru Quiz 2

There are many people who feel they are enlightened. But in every day situations, do you truly act enlightened? Can you honestly say that you can talk the talk and walk the walk? We put your enlightenment juju to the test.

Do you have what it takes? The will, the grits, the guts, that intangible strength that lifts you up out of the crap of life and propels you into your dreams? Do you have what it takes to overcome and conquer even the greatest tragedies?

Created by: Mark Collins

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  1. You find a small lump on your neck. What do you assume?
  2. You got fired from your job. You have no savings. You have a family.
  3. Your mom dies of a long, painful, and debilitating disease.
  4. Your best friend, a female, is raped and murdered.
  5. A complete stranger was rude to me for no reason.
  6. Your car breaks down in the most inconvenient time and place possible.
  7. You are diagnosed with cancer.
  8. Your child is killed by a drunk driver. That child was less than three years old.
  9. Your wife leaves you for another man.
  10. Your mother is a royal pain in the ass. You take offense at everything she says.

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