Disney quiz !!!!!!!!!

Disney movies are the most popular over the world! Everybody knows them! Yentl and I are the biggest fans of this and we know just everything about it!

In this quiz you can check how a great fan you are! This isn't very hard so you must have at least 90%! good luck! We'll see you at Disneyland!!!!!!!!

Created by: Yentl en Jari

  1. Who's the best dinsey princess?
  2. Who's the most beautiful character of the Mickey Mouse clubhouse?
  3. what is the funniest fairytale?
  4. What's the most romantic film!
  5. The most beautiful prince?
  6. What's your favorite Disney movie?
  7. Who's the strongest princess?
  8. What's the 27th movie of Disney?
  9. What's the 28th movie of Disney?
  10. How many dwarfs has Snow White?

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