Disney Bolt Test

There are many people who enjoy doing their very best..and there are those who do not. However, you should not let fear stop you from caring about someone, because...caring about someone..is wonderful.. NOT REALLY, dummy. Just take the quiz.

Are YOU a Bolt lover? Oh, I thought you were. Still, take this boring quiz anyway just to test your knowledge on animated movies and their valence on your soul. Don't get too fidgety when there's a hard question. Just kidding, this test is easy." Hey, hey, HEY. Friends don't let friends fade away!"

Created by: Dumb Donald DD

  1. What type of food is Bolt's chew toy?
  2. Was Bolt the dog originally going to be bigger in size?
  3. What is Bolt's weakness (as Bolt says)?
  4. Which of the following did Mittens NOT say?
  5. What made Bolt agree to Rhino's "IF YOU"RE AWESOME" speech?
  6. Bolt has real bones placed inside his body.
  7. When Bolt and Mittens were falling asleep in the rain together, why did Mittens smile ?
  8. The number on Bolt's dog tag was the address of Disney's feature animation building, but now it changed.
  9. Who was the first voice for Penny?
  10. "Never ________ a friend in a _____ ___ ______!"

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