directioner or directionator?

So, think your a directioner? think you know all abput the boys? Are you a DIRECTIONER or a DIRECTIONATOR? a directionor is a massive dedicated fan who knows what their is to know about the boys. a directionator os someone who calls them self a 'directioner' when they barly like the boys and only like their music, knows barly anything and is just a fan.

To find put wich one you are, take this 1- question quiz to find out! good luck! (Sorry if you dont like your awnser/score as i dont want to be horrible :) )

Created by: rosie

  1. Which boy was born on the day before christmas? (24th december)
  2. True or fulse, zayn is engaged to a little mix star? (As of 2013/14)
  3. Which one of these ship names is correct for eleanor calder and louis?
  4. Wich of the boys is 'mirrors' ?
  5. Which of the five is the youngest?
  6. What is the name of there new album? (As of 2014)
  7. Who has a fear of spoons?
  8. How old is louis? (As of begining of 2014)
  9. Which celeb does liam like?
  10. Whats the name of their 2015 tour?

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