Directionator or Directioner?

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Out there, there are many fake Directioners called Directionators, these people claim to be Directioners I want to make all the Directionators turn to Directioners after all being a Directioner is the only way forward!

Now it has arisen, the question everyone is asked.... Directionator or Directioner? Taking this quiz will determine your status so follow your heart and answer these awaiting questions...

Created by: Minty_Banana_1D
  1. Okay, let's start off easy, What are the names of the boys in One Direction?
  2. Which member has the most fanfictions written about them?
  3. How many r's?
  4. Kevin the...?
  5. Favourite band?
  6. Click the answer the you associate most with.
  7. Will you go follow my insta? :) @niallhoranomfg
  8. How many posters of the boys?
  9. How many times have you searched "One Direction Funniest Moments"?
  10. Final question: Which of the boys only has one kidney?

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