Dig Out Your Soul

Welcome to my my wonderful, amazing, fantastic Dig Out Your Soul Quiz! After a week so of listening to the album you should know all this. If not please listen again!

Are you mad fer it? The Hardcore Oasis fan you think you are? Come on You know want too I really hope you enjoy it Its some of my best stuff This quiz in not for the faint of heart!

Created by: The Oasis Fan Guide

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  1. In Bag It Up what is rising up through the floor?
  2. What is Liam sending through the telegram?
  3. What tune is playing at the end of the Turning?
  4. If you carry the lantern, what will I do?
  5. Why can't Noel remember what she said?
  6. So God ______ to the sound of the ____
  7. In the DVD Noel says the Shock just got faster, what was his reason for it?
  8. Which DOYS song has no guitars on it?
  9. Who did Andy Bell say he was channeling when playing the sitar in Abbey Road?
  10. What would have still been there if John Lennon ever got back?
  11. 11.What song was going to replace High Horse Lady, but Liam failed to record the vocals.
  12. If you cannot save Noel what should you NOT do?
  13. What are the Dreamers and the Neighbors doing in To Be Where There's is Life?
  14. Where did Gem 'Lose them before"?
  15. _____does not_____make
  16. Who discovered Solider On ?

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