DenisDaily quiz

Hello if you got a very high score that good job if you didn't then hey you cany win them all so that you for comeing and playing my quiz about DenisDaily!!!

Thank you for comeing and playing my took me a very long time to make this so thank everyone for comeing and playing this DenisDaily quiz!!!!!

Created by: Darlie of [no urls]
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  1. What is DenisDaily's favorite color
  2. Does Denis have 1M Subcribers (2017)
  3. Is Denis in the pals
  4. Who did DenisDaily move with and why
  5. What is DenisDaily's ROBLOX accout named
  6. Did denis have a Q&A with sandra
  7. Is DenisDaily dating anyone
  8. Did denis ever say his last name in a video
  9. What i DenisDaily's cat named
  10. Who does denis not know

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