Dan's Constitution Quiz No. 1

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The United States Constitution has been the "law of land" for more than 200 years in America. But, how well does today's government actually adhere to the Constitution? As American citizens, it's important that we know WHAT the Constitution says, and how our Founders intended for government to function if we are to preserve our Liberty!

Think you know the United States Constitution? There are a few things about it that might just surprise you! Try taking my quiz and see how you do! Good luck!

Created by: Commander Dan
  1. The primary purpose of the U.S. Constitution is to:
  2. Any powers in the Constitution that are not mentioned or expressly forbidden are reserved to:
  3. Which of these word(s)/phrases is the ONLY one to be found in the U.S. Constitution or its amendments?
  4. According to Article I, Section 8, laws that require the government to raise revenue (money) must originate where?
  5. Article I, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution stipulates that Senators will be:
  6. The impeachment process is meant to give the Congress power to remove who from government?
  7. The purpose of the "commerce clause," found in Article I, Section 8, is to:
  8. Who has NO ROLE in the Amendment process?
  9. Which of following departments does the U.S. Constitution establish?
  10. Which branch(es) of government has the Constitutional authority to create or alter immigration and naturalization laws?
  11. BONUS: Who is considered "the Father of the U.S. Constitution"?

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