Dæmon Quiz! (For Philip Pullman's Fans)!

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Philip Pullman is an awesome writer and the creature he creates 'dæmons' is awesome. Lyra and all the others would not be the same without their dæmons.

But how much do you know about dæmons? Do you take notice of these faithful companions? Well this is the quiz that will tell you the truth! Be prepared!

Created by: horsecrazy24601

  1. What was Lyra's dæmon called?
  2. Will's dæmon took what type of form?
  3. What colour was Mrs. Coulter's dæmon?
  4. What happens to dæmons once their human dies?
  5. The very first form Lyra's dæmon takes at the beginning of The Northern Lights is....
  6. If a cat looked at a cat dæmon they would see....
  7. The Texan (WHICH ONE...)'s dæmon...
  8. Your dæmon has to
  9. Did you like this quiz
  10. Dæmons appear in which series

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