Cryptids: Do You Believe?

They are many Cryptids in the world, and to match that many Cryptid believers. What makes up a Cryptid believer? A Cryptid believer is someone that Strongly believes in things like The Lochness Monster and Bigfoot.

Are YOU a Cryptid believer? Do you have what it takes to track them down and capture them? Until now you could only imagine. Now you can find out with this quiz!

Created by: Sweetpeababe
  1. What is a Cryptid to you?
  2. What would you take Cryptid hunting?
  3. Around how many sightings of Cryptids are there in the U.S.?
  4. What time of day would you go Cryptid hunting?
  5. How long have Cryptids been around?
  6. Who do you take Cryptid hunting?
  7. Would you go Cryptid hunting?
  8. Which one is NOT a Cryptid?
  9. Which of these Cryptids reside in England
  10. What is the most famous Cryptid?

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Quiz topic: Cryptids: do I Believe?