Croopy Knowledge.

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Croopy is a very bad influence when he has a paintbrush up in his nose and which will actually hurt and also whatever you say about him, he is very ugly.

Don't copy him, he will brainwash you and make you lose your bright future. Stay away from him and also beware of his actions for this matter of truth.

Created by: MrsTwosqueaksLover20
  1. What is croopy's dad?
  2. Who is croopy's mom?
  3. What does croopy have up in his nose?
  4. What do breed is croopy?
  5. What does croopy love to say?
  6. Who is annoying as croopy?
  7. What shape is croopy's body?
  8. Is croopy ugly?
  9. What is croopy based off?
  10. What is croopy's favorite superhero?

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