Covid Mask Stereotypes

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Hi. My name is Fun Quiz Girl. I like to make quizzes, and I can't wait to make more. At the end of every quiz, I tell you what the next two quizzes will be. Good luck!

Shoutout to my friend TT who had the idea for a Covid quiz. Warning: Not all of the of the results have masks in them, most do though. You could get: Safety, New Hobby, Homemade, or My Body, My Choice.

Created by: Fun Quiz Girl
  1. Just Curious: Where you live, is there still Covid?
  2. What have you been doing during Covid?
  3. Scenario 1: You have not been vaccinated yet, and your friend, who also has not been vaccinated invites you to an indoor dinner. What do you do?
  4. Scenario 2: You are vaccinated now!
  5. Do you like wearing masks?
  6. Have you been bored during Covid?
  7. Just to be clear: This quiz is just for fun, don't worry if it isn't accurate.
  8. Do you wear masks a lot, and take safety precautions?
  9. This has been one of the most fun quizzes I ever made. Thank you, and I hope you enjoyed.
  10. Will you comment ideas for future quizzes to get a shoutout?
  11. My next two quizzes are going to be "What Quiz should You make?" (Friday) and "Could You Pass Fifth Grade?" (Monday)

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