Could you REALY survive the Addrondaks?

You have to be able to make sure you have the skills to survive before you can camp in the Addrondaks . WARNING : IT IS JUST A QUIZZE,MAY BE NOT TRUE.

Do you think you have any chance of survival in the Addrondaks ? Take this quizze to see . WARNING :MY FIRST TIME . I'M 8. made 5-18-15 2015

Created by: Nancy
  1. Your school says that the annual 10 day camping and exploration trip a is coming up . How do you react?
  2. A stareved , abandoned wolf cub aproches you with large, pitiful eyes . After checking that it's only afliction was starvation , you...
  3. What is your hertige like ?
  4. What do you pride yourself on?
  5. What are you looking for in a "Healthy" diet ?
  6. Are you fat ?
  7. Which one is closest to you ?
  8. You are in a store when you find a backpack . However do you inspect it?
  9. What cereer would be a great deal for you ?
  10. I'm sorry I can't come up with a good question .

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