could you ever be my friend

this is just for fun you don't have to take this quiz but you should to see how close we could be as friends if we were to ever meet you never know i might be your long lost twin

so you should take this quiz to see if we are the perfect friends or if we would just fight all the time either way it doesn't matter we might never meet but its good to know anyway

Created by: ChantelFreckles

  1. which of these bands do you like the best
  2. which is your favourite colour
  3. which is your favourite youtub person
  4. which is you favourite breed of dog
  5. which is your favourite fruit
  6. which is your favourite chewing gum
  7. what do you were
  8. what movie do you like
  9. which type of person are you
  10. do you want to be my friend
  11. i hope your liked this quiz and you don't have to want to be my friend it was just for fun, bye😊

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