Could you be my long lost twin???

Could you be my long lost twin? Maybe you could! Lets take the quiz and see if you have a chance!Well. I hope you like the quiz... and there is some more info below.

Im not adopted, but if you are, you have a chance to be my long lost twin.It would be so cool if you are! Lets see how many charictaristics you have to be my twin! ...

Created by: R (i go by 'r')

  1. First off, what color is your hair?
  2. What state were you born in?
  3. Were you born before or after the year of 2003?
  4. were you adopted?
  5. girly girl, tomboy, or tomgirl?
  6. shopping, motorcycling, or both
  7. how to u greet people?
  8. does bright light hurt your eyes?
  9. CAN YOU.... do a handstand, front walkover, or cartwheel?
  10. you have an instagram or facebook.
  11. do you care about haters?

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