Could You Be In Sibuna?

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There are many people in the world; but only some have the courage and the knowledge to become a member of a secret club. Just like Sibuna. This quiz will tell you if you could be one of them.

Can YOU be a Sibuna member? Do you have the guts or are you scared of your own shadow? You can find out everything in this 10-question quiz. So take a minute of your time to take this quiz.

Created by: Jana

  1. What's your favourite fruit?
  2. Do you get scared easily?
  3. Are you persistant?
  4. Can you keep a secret?
  5. Are you trustworthy?
  6. Do you put your friends in front of your obligations?
  7. Are you ready to put others in front of yourself, even if by doing that, you may be risking your life?
  8. Would you rather choose fame and fortune or the right thing to do?
  9. Do you think Nina did the right thing when she didn't give her locket to Rufus?
  10. If you were a member of Sibuna, and you found a strange gold object, would you sell it or show it to your friends?

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