Could you be America's next top model?

Not everybody has what it takes to become a top model or the next Megan Fox are you one of the hots or the nots? Do you have this wild dseam of becoming the hottest and youngest Miss America?

Well then you wont know if dont take this awesome, easy quiz by me, Candy20. Imagine how nice it will be if you get a good result, and its a 100% accurate. But rememer, being a model comes from within, its not about having a nice body, blonde and wearing a dress and a tiara. Well, have fun, thats the main goal. Ciao mi love.

Created by: Candy20

  1. Do you think you have what it takes to be a model?
  2. Do you have a beautiful smile?
  3. Are you ultra-confident?
  4. Models have to be sweet and caring, are you.
  5. Are you beautiful? (if you dont know then take an 'are you beautiful" quiz.)
  6. Are you tall and slender?
  7. Do you have many talents?
  8. Can you "walk-the-walk"gracefully?
  9. Are you am entertainer or an observer?
  10. Are you good at posing in pictures?
  11. Did you like my quiz? (this counts)
  12. Have a good day, bye.

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