cool or fake?what where when?

many smart many dumb,but not many cool as cool can be!listen people i don't want to right much so this wont make sense!cool as cool as cool as cool as cool as cool as cool as cool as cool as can be! yes here no play!

you are the multi task genuis in the class but are you as smart as this quiz thats right you can't beat this quiz as you are the typical classroom guy !okay try it and see if you are totally cool are a complete fake!

Created by: shannon of solveit2
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  1. true or false dick turpin was a highwayman?
  2. on spongebob sqaurepants what is mr krabs mad about?
  3. what is the celebritys name who won im a celeberity get me out of here?
  4. what day is it on the 21 of the june?
  5. what tv program involves many machines and a boy and girl?
  6. what word am i going to carry on ... tomato ke
  7. what type of choclate bar is giving away footballs?
  8. what are periods?
  9. which of these words ryme with fly?
  10. what two colours make purple?
  11. what rymes with silly?
  12. tiny silly tiny silly?

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