Completely Random!

There is definitely no one as random as me and my brain. But I am still the deer up the fart. And you could be pretty goop. No kidding about the turd in the toilet up the DUP.

So if you want to take this test just do it. But you probably should not. You will probably score low because you are a serven little frog. Nope the rope.

Created by: CrackMeUp
  1. So, This quiz is meant to be stupid, silly, and fun so stop here if your a real mean quiz critic! Hope you like it!
  2. Um, I like nachos...
  3. Any psychologist recommendations? I'm very slow
  4. Can Unicorns fly?
  6. So yesterday I took a selfie with my ex... Is that weird?
  7. Ham bone Harry is a Hello hacker Hobo
  8. Do You like this quiz? Even a little?
  9. Why do you have to have 12 questions? omg pandas
  10. We are nearing the last question. I'm very scared
  11. So what are you gonna do this weekend?
  12. This is the last question before the day of the Emblem of the Holy ant. Moment of silence, please

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