Complete the lyrics (rap songs)

There are so many smart people, but few true rappers! Rappers are cool, afterall smart! Whoa whoa whoa... why are you reading what i am typing down? you should be taking the quiz we made! Im running out of things to say again.

Are YOU a true rapper? WEll your not! You dont have what it takes to take our quiz! No im just kidding. Hopefully you enjoyed this quiz. Hey your not listening to what i said. you should be taking the quiz!

Created by: greg josh and jerald

  1. (Day n nite Kid cudi) I toss and turn i keep ________ my mind mind.
  2. (Dead and gone chorus by T.I feat. justin timberlake) Ohhhhhh ive been _________ on this road too long. just tryin to find my way back home. the old me is dead and gone dead and gone.
  3. (Crack a bottle eminem's verse 1) Back with andre the giant, mister _______ tusk.
  4. (miami trick by lmfao) hey, youre looking kind of cute in that ______ dot bikini giiiirl
  5. (best i ever had by drake) baby you my everything you all i ever wanted. we can do it real _____.______ then you eva done it.
  6. (Superman high R. kelly chorus) Swag thru duh club, throwin money in duh sky, I Cant Lie,Imma Bawl Til I Die, _____ Steady Good, Got Me SuperMan High, Wit A Special Made Chain, And it caught ya cutie Eye,
  7. (Echo Gorrila zoe chorus) E-echo! E-e-echo! And i'm gone And your all alone Can't you hear the hear the Echo! E-echo! No one to hear you There's _____ near you
  8. (Every Girl by lil wayne chorus) cuz we like her and we like her too and we like her and we like her too and we like her and we like her too and we like herr and she like us too I wish I could f--- _____ girl in the world I wish I could f--- _____ girl in the world I wish I could f--- _____ girl in the world
  9. (Your a jerk by the new boys)Wah wah wah wah (your a jerk) Why you trippin I ain't even do nothin(your a jerk) I'm a jerk you ain't _____ lie But aye do me a favor call me jerk one more time(your a jerk!) I know Your a jerk! (I know) yz chorus)
  10. (Boom Boom Pow by black eyed peas verse) Yo I got the hit that beat the block You can get that bass overload I got the that rock and roll That future ____ That digital spit Next level visual I got that (Boom boom boom) How the beat bang (Boom boom boom)

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