Civil War TEST Review/Test

This quiz is all about questions on the civil war. It shouldn't be that hard, as the questions were pretty east and I didn't go too hard. Let's see if you remember this stuff.

I would've made more questions, but it only allowed me to make 10. Don't take these results offensively, as I am not an expert. This is just a test for fun. Let's see what you get! Here we go!

Created by: I'm Anonymous
  1. Where was the first shot fired?
  2. Who was one of the democratic nominees? (Continued through the next question.
  3. Who was the other democratic nominee?
  4. What was the 3rd party called. (Not democrat or republican).
  5. Who was the 3rd party candidate?
  6. Who was the republican nominee?
  7. What were border states?
  8. What were the 6 border states?
  9. What are free soilers?
  10. What is an abolitionist?

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