Christmas at Hogwarts

Okay, I am sooooo sorry that this is late!!! I got sick on Christmas afternoon, too much KitKats, I think, and then I had to write out a bunch of scenes...

Please accept myapology and excuse. It was all true. It is Santa's fault for giving me six KitKat minis. He made me get sick. {to Santa: No more KitKats, alright?}

Created by: liz_king97

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  1. "So, I heard you aren't going home for Christmas." You brushed past Draco, and searched the next book case. "So what? I'm not staying for you." Draco's cheeks turned bright pink. "That's not what I-" You glared at him. "Draco, I still haven't forgiven you for what you said to me." "That was a month ago!" Draco whispered angrily. "And have you apologized for it?" Draco opened his mouth, then closed it. "Point taken," he grumbled. You nodded, and took a book off a shelf. "Finally," you sighed, and turned back to Draco. "I'm sorry that you're upset with me, Draco. But I won't give up my friendship with Harry and Ron. Not for a million galleons."
  2. You lay, curled up in a fetal position, in front of the fire. "It's okay, everything is going to be all right," Stella murmured, and stroked your hair. "I don't know if I can do this," you sobbed quietly. "Ron's been avoiding me, Draco was practically yelling at me in the library, and I don't know what Harry thinks about me." Stella patted your back. "It's going to be okay, _____. They'll all come to their senses soon, don't you worry."
  3. You wake up the next morning, in your bed, your covers drawn over your small body. You see that everyone is still asleep in bed, and remember that today is the first day of holiday break. “Good morning,” The Prefect smiled softly down at you. “Are you the only one awake?” she whispers. You nod shyly. “Perfect,” The Prefect smiles wickedly. “Follow me,” You slip on your house shoes, and quietly follow. “What are we doing?” You whisper. She grins. “That’s for me to know, and you to find out. I’m Elizabeth, by the way. Elizabeth King; you can call me Liz, though, everyone does.”
  4. You follow Elizabeth down to the Common room, and find your older brother’s owl, Ferdinand, perched proudly on the coat rack. “Ferdy!” you exclaim in surprise. Ferdinand held out a leg, and calmly waited until you had untied the letter that was on it. “Who’s it from?” Elizabeth stroked Ferdinand’s sleek, golden- brown feathers. “He’s beautiful,” She murmured. As soon as your letter was in your hands, Ferdy flew off to the Owlery. You turned the envelope over, but did not find a single word or name. You tore it open, and skimmed through to the bottom, to the signature. You dropped the letter, and sat down in an armchair. “What’s wrong, _____?” Elizabeth kneeled in front of you, shaking your arms. “It’s from Alexander, my- my Muggle friend.”
  5. Elizabeth read the letter out loud for you- you were still in shock. “Okay, there’s two letters, one from your Muggle friend, and a bloke named Ender.” You lifted your head. “Read the one from Ender first,” Liz held up Ender’s letter. ‘Dearest _____, I hope Ferdinand finds you safe at Hogwarts. Mum wrote to me about what happened on Halloween. She was considering sending you a Howler, but, fortunately, Dad persuaded her not to. Congratulations, by the way, on defeating the troll! Mum was horrified, that you had disobeyed Professor Dumbledore’s instructions, but since she knew your intentions, Mum wasn’t as cross. Dad, well, he was Dad. He told Mum and me that you were the bravest eleven-year-old he knew, next to the Potter boy and the Arthur’s son. I honestly hope that you will be obedient, next time trouble comes to Hogwarts. But, knowing you, I know that will never happen. You are an adventuress, always getting into trouble, but for the right reasons. Oh, and Alexander gave me a letter he wrote for you to send. So, read that one next. Love, your brother, Ender Tyrone ______’ “He sounds like a good older brother.” Elizabeth commented. “He is,” You smiled affectionately, and sat on the floor. “I want to read Alexander’s, please.” Elizabeth nodded. “Of course. Do you want to be on your own, or should I stay here?” “Stay, please,” You unfolded the lined paper, and grimaced; Alex’s handwriting was never good, and it seemed as though it got worse since you left. “‘_____,’” You began.
  6. Okay, I'm sorry, I'm still trying to figure out what Alex is supposed to write, so I'm going to...Never mind! I found a perfect solution! Let's pretend I never wrote this, kay?
  7. Gia, a third year, snatched Alexander's letter out of your hands. "Oooh, look what the first year's got!" Gia snickered. "Giovanna Yolanda Medrano, give _____ her letter back. Now." Elizabeth commanded. Gia turned to her friends. "No. I don't think I will, Prefect." She spat the title out like poison. Gia tossed Alex's sloppy, handwritten letter into the fireplace. "No!" You screamed. Elizabeth drew out her wand, and pointed it at Gia. "You *****!" Liz shouted. "Who writes to _____ is none of your buisness, especially if it's family." You are sobbing, and burning your hands tring to get the pieces that haven't burned out of the fire. Elizabeth draws you away, and produces water from her wand. "I'm so sorry, ______." Elizabeth mutters, and shoots death glares at Gia. "How could you do this to her?!" Liz screams. "She's just a first year; what has she ever done to you?" Liz holds you in her arms, rocking you back and forth. "Al-lex!" you sob. "Xander!" You cry more, and hear footsteps echoing off the marble floors. "What is going on in here?" your Head of House demands.
  8. “It was Giovanna, Professor.” Elizabeth said stiffly. Your Head turns to you. "Is this true?" You nod, tears streaming down your face. "Yes," You whisper hoarsely. Gia blanches. “P-Professor, I d-didn’t mean any harm by it.” Liz glared. Your Head sighed. Giovanna Medrano, why must you insist on bullying the smaller ones?” Gia stuttered an apology, but Liz cut her off. “Gia, I’m sick and tired of how often you disregard what I try to tell you. I really do care about you, Giovanna, but unless you tell me why you do these things, I can’t help you.”
  9. You stay in the common room all morning, wrapped up in a thick blanket, sitting in front of the fire. “Here you go,” Stella says softly, handing you a plate of food. “Thanks,” you mutter. Stella sits in the chair, watching you with scrutinizing eyes. “Aw, come on, ______, it was just a letter, right?” You looked up with empty eyes. “It was a letter from my best Muggle friend. I hadn’t heard from him since July, when my older brother took me to stay at the Leaky Cauldron until school started.” Stella stared at her hands. “I’m sorry,” She said. “for making it seem like it wasn’t important.”
  10. *LUNCH* You pushed your food around on your plate, not eating. “I’m not hungry, Elizabeth, really.” Elizabeth pursed her lips. “_______, you can’t not eat. You’re going to make yourself sick.” “Maybe that’s what I want. So I don’t have to be around so many people.” Stella glared at you. “Look, I really am sorry about what Gia did, but you can’t go into hiding because of that. I’m just being blunt here, but you’re at Hogwarts. I’m sure he’ll try to contact you again soon. But _____, you have other things to worry about. Other friends to fill your empty time.” You glared back. “Stel, I’m just not feeling well. This has nothing to do with Alex, all right?” “Who’s Alex?” You dropped your fork, and turned around quickly. “A friend from back home,” you muttered. “No one, really.” Stella and Elizabeth raised their eyebrows. You gave them both a ‘don’t-you-dare-say-a-word’ glare. Ron nodded, relieved. “Oh, okay,” You sat there, as an awkward silence filled in between the two of you.
  11. "Who's Nicholas Flamel?" You turn a page in The Standard Book of Spells, Grade One, and looked up at Harry. He squirmed in his seat. "Well, that's just it; I don't know." You and Harry had met in the library ten minutes ago, and you were getting frustrated. “Then why are you asking me about him?” You shut your book, and pushed your chair away from the table. “I’m sorry, but I promised Terry I’d help her with the Potions homework.” Harry stared at the table, and nodded. “See you at dinner,” he muttered.
  12. You slammed the door, and threw yourself onto a chair. Stella glanced up from her book, and smirked. “So, how was the library?” She asked with a kind smile. You gave her a withering glance, and glared at the ceiling. “I hate boys right now.” You announced. Stella let out a burst of laughter. “Why do you say that?” She giggled. You sighed, and faced Stella. “I- I really don’t know.” you admitted. “But Harry, today in the library, he “You shook your head. “I don’t know what he’s up to anymore. It’s like he’s, I don’t know, changed.” Stella smiled sympathetically. “Aw, sweetie, he’ll come around, don’t you fret.”
  13. “I love you, ______.” He looked deep into your eyes as he said this. “I love you too, --------.” You replied. His name was garbled, coming through your mouth. What the man said next didn’t fit his mouth’s movements. “______!” He shouted. ‘Weird,’ You thought. ‘That sounds just like…’ “Elizabeth!” You shrieked. Elizabeth laughed. “Sorry, I couldn’t resist! Christmas in my family is like April Fools’ Day.” You groaned. “And that means that you had to douse me with ICE COLD WATER?!” Stella snorted. “Isn’t it obvious? She did the same for all of us!” You looked around, and saw that every girl and the beds were soaked. “Good one, Liz!” A fifth year (Kendra? Kayden?) shouted light- heartedly. Elizabeth grinned. “It’s my signature prank. Mum and Dad always try to get up before me on Christmas.” Her grin widened. “But, sometimes, I’m just too quick for them.” The whole room erupted with laughter.
  14. “Okay, fun’s over, everyone,” Olivia, the Head Girl, said. And, with a wave of her wand, dried all of the wet bed covers. “Elizabeth, next year, I expect you to start acting like a Prefect, not a six year old.” Elizabeth nodded solemnly, and winked at you. “Sure thing, Livy.” Olivia scowled. “Honestly, Elizabeth, I don’t think that you have ANY reason to be a Prefect, the way you are always acting.” “She has EVERY reason to be a Prefect.” Someone gasped. Maybe Belinda. Olivia narrowed her eyes. “Why you little…” Olivia searched for the perfect word. “BRAT!” She snarled. “I am a Seventh year! And you DARE to speak to me like that?” You glared. “I know that Elizabeth would be a better Head Girl than you!” You shouted. Olivia screeched. “How dare you! I will report you to the Headmaster immediately!” “There will be no need for that, Miss Harrell.” Olivia gasped. “I didn’t mean- she was being disrespectful!” Elizabeth stepped in front of you. “______ didn’t mean anything by it, Professor. She was just…defending my position as a Prefect.” Your Head scrutinized Elizabeth. “And why was your position being threatened? And by whom?” You stepped out from behind Elizabeth. “Olivia said that Elizabeth has no right to be a Prefect.” You stated. “Then she called me a brat, because she said, and I quote, ‘I am a Seventh year! And you DARE to speak to me like that?’”
  15. I am so sorry. Christmas at Hogwarts is going to have to be in two parts. I just can't fit everything into one. So sorry.

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