There are many people that tried this quiz, and quite a lot of people came out scoring the score of 100%. To score 100% is definetly not hard and definetly not easy, too. All you do is answer the questions there is.

Are you going to be one of the winners in the future? Are you going to be the smartcookie in my mind? You shall take my quiz. I am going to be impressed if you do take it and Good luck.

Created by: Angela Zhang

  1. Who's the most coolest character in "Sleepover girls"?
  2. Which one is the shortest girl in the sleepover club?
  3. Which two girls sometime fights in the sleepover club?
  4. Which girl is the oldest in the Sleepover club?
  5. Who likes surfing in the sleepover club?
  6. Who have their own pool in their garden?
  7. Which two person got lost in somebody else's house?
  8. Which one of the Sleepover club's favourite colour is pink?
  9. Who's favourite colour is blue in the Sleepover club?
  10. Who nearly quit out of the club?

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