Celebrity Real Names

Celebrities use stage names for many reasons. Maybe their name is ridiculously embarrassing or hard to pronounce. Or maybe they want to keep their private lives in order.

Can you match these celebrities with their real names? The questions will give the real name of a celebrity, and you have to pick the one who was born with that name. Then, it becomes the opposite; match the celebrity with their real name. Good Luck!

Created by: A Bored Human
  1. Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr.
  2. Michael John Douglas
  3. Henry John Deutschendorf, Jr.
  4. Katherine Elizabeth Hudson
  5. William Henry Pratt
  6. Margaret Mary Emily Hyra
  7. Eleanora Fagan
  8. Martyn Jerel Buchwald
  9. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner
  10. Alphonso Joseph D'Abruzzo
  11. John Roger Stephens
  12. Allen Stewart Konigsberg
  13. Robert Bartleh Cummings
  14. David Goldstein
  15. Christopher Charles Geppert

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