Can you Survive On My Side Of Town? (Los Angeles)

Many think they can survive In my City but really dont know the real street life Out here and only those who know theyr streets smarts will survive out here in LA

Are You Street Smart? Do you think You Have what it takes to survive in the streets of LA? Well if you think LA is not dangerous lets see how much You Know About Survival in the concrete Jungle

Created by: TokeR
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  1. What is Your race?
  2. Your Walking Downtown at night alone With a pocket knife and You see some Goons Staring At you from a distance. you proceed to walk and they start going towards you 5 deep what do you do?
  3. You see 13 All over the walls in the street with CK as well what does that mean
  4. What type Of Music do you Listen To?
  5. Someone Walks Up To You And SAys were you from? what do u say
  6. Someone of the streets Offers You A gram of dank kush FOr 20 bucks What is your response
  7. Your Walking Down A shady Street going wherever you need to be.. You hear gunshots.. Whats your move
  8. You Just seen someone get stabbed in THe middle of the Streets.. the police try to detain you and Question What you seen.. whats Your response ?
  9. What does it mean to be Green Lighted?
  10. where do you keep larg money when walking around

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Quiz topic: Can I Survive On My Side Of Town? (Los Angeles)