Can you survive in Zombie Apocalypse?

A zombie apocalypse is what people believe that later zombies are there. In fact, FBI has found zombies and make training. A zombie survivor is a trained people that master the zombies knowledge that can survive zombies attacks!

Are you one of the survivor? Let's try this quiz! It won't be accurate but you can try it! Why not? Let's see if you are a survivor! I'm afraid that you can't survive zombies attacks!

Created by: Matmail

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. If there are zombies in this world and you must leave your home due to unsafe. Where will you go and live?
  2. If there are weapons you can choose, which one will you take?
  3. How often you jog, run or walk everyday?
  4. Have you learned shooting using gunery?
  5. How humble are you?
  6. Do you tend to socialize with friends, teams, or groups you met or in with?
  7. Do you tend to do gymnastics or sport daily or weekly?
  8. Choose your supplies to bring with!
  9. If you choose to live in temporary places. Where will you live?
  10. Enter your question, then enter possible answers. Leave blank any lines for answers that you are not using, i.e. if you only want four answers then fill in the first four answer lines and leave the last two blank. You can have a maximum of six answers per question.
  11. Are you resistant to heat or cold?
  12. To test your memory. Without scrolling up this page. What's question number 4 and 6?
  13. What will you do to avoid zombies?
  14. Out of food. What will you eat to survive?
  15. How do you save human lifes?
  16. I think the quiz has finished here. Do you think you can survive?
  17. If you are on the fourth floor of a mall. What will you do to escape from horde of zombies in mall?
  18. If you are trapped and cornered in your home with only knifes on the table and the zombies has occupied your house. What will you do to escape horde of zombies?
  19. Its raining and you're trapped inside a car with empty fuel. You are accidentally locked in your seat belt and can't release yourself. What will you do to escape from the zombies?
  20. If you are sent to defend an area from zombies. What weapon will you choose?
  21. You and your group is searching for temporary place. You found a good building to live in. Your friends enter the building, but you are choosen to defend outside. Agree?
  22. You successfully defend the building, but the zombies still came. You run and tell your friends to go to the roof. If you can take some supplies first, what will you take?
  23. Somehow you survived the zombies and climb down. Steals a car and drives to a temporary stations. If in the temporary stations, you see a lot of zombies are coming to the citizen. What will you do?
  24. Do games and movies give tips or teaches you to survive from zombies?
  25. You are in a huge shopping mall that are very active. Its very crowd and noisy there. A notice came out that a zombie has been spotted from outside. Its a horde of zombies in the exit. What will you do as a leader?
  26. If you are trapped in a high building, its dark and empty, and you are in fifth floor and the safe floor to go out is only in the second floor. What will you do?
  27. With who do you live now?
  28. How to use an AK-47 Rifle?

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Quiz topic: Can I survive in Zombie Apocalypse?